Psychology and Counselling Room 1

  • HealthShare for allied health professionals
  • coworking space for health professionals

Suitable for psychologist, counsellor, psychiatrist, life coach and other practitioners of talk therapies.

The room is light-filled and features a comfortable chair for the practitioner and a couch for the client and a desk and chair for writing clinical notes and other computer or written work.

$110 +gst / half-day









Built for a positive client-centred experience.

A clean and fresh feel will welcome your clients and build instant trust and rapport.

Quite, safe and comfortable space to facilitate a therapeutic alliance and personalised client interaction.

Book this room on a casual or ongoing basis.

The choice is yours. We provide the space you determine how often you want to book. Working from Health Share Rooms is a truly flexible and lifestyle-driven decision.

coworking space for health professionals
Regain your flexible work arrangements

About Health Share Rooms.

A new way for allied health professionals to practice in a co-working space.

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